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Using up to date drone cameras and sensors along with specialist software this disruptive technology is making people and companies think differently in what they can deliver to their own client base.

The high resolution 2D maps are interactive and far superior than that available from satellite imaging.  We can cover vast acreage or just a small plot with the orthomosaic map engine stitching together many hundreds of images allowing additional photogrammetry measurements. 

Our 3D models can be stand alone or in survey grade point cloud format and files can be exported into existing workflows. Complete models or access to areas and structures previous not practical or commercially viable such as roofs, land erosion, flood damage, quarries and construction are just a few examples. 

Applications also include NDVI mapping for agriculture helping identify crop stress and variability. We can provide contour and terrain mapping with absolute accuracy down to 1cm when used in conjunction with RTK or ground control point data. Analysis and annotation includes GPS locations, distance, area and volume measurements.