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What we do

Flyibot provides aerial geospatial solutions and analysis for various industries including surveying, planning, architecture, construction and agriculture.

We specialise in high resolution 2D maps and 3D models including point cloud data with survey grade absolute accuracy. Using this cutting edge and disruptive technology allows access to aerial maps and models not previously available. Clients can now use this technology to complement their existing tools and help speed up workflows.

We also supply high resolution aerial and ground photography for clients who specialise in computer generated imaging, archive, inspection and real estate.

We produce very high quality ground and aerial filming for TV, media and film production companies and commission short documentaries or web based promotional video content.
Aerial 2D Mapping and 3D Modelling Surveying, planning, construction and agriculture Aerial Photography Archive, planning, marketing, inspection, CGI, real estate Aerial and ground level filming Web-based promo videos, documentaries, raw footage for TV, media and film